May 09, 2014

This Is Getting Too Easy

Being a blogger is getting too easy.

All you have to do is take anything anyone in advertising says and call it bullshit and you'll be right just about always.

Case in point:

About two weeks ago we wrote a post called Lots Of Screwing But No Marriage. The post was about reports that the merger between Omnicom and Publicis was falling apart.

Of course, the parties denied it and said the delay in the marriage was due to "legal and tax issues in Europe." Yeah, right.

When Sir Martin Sorrell said the parties were speaking two different languages, we said he was wrong -- they were speaking one language, "the only language they know -- bullshit."

Well, guess what...

I need a more challenging hobby.


Bert Pike said...

Hi Bob - like you I've got close 40 years in this business. Sometimes people can be assholes without knowing it. Here at The A**Hole Patrol we call them IA's or 'inadvertent assholes'. One side bullshits the other to gain an advantage, the other side bullshits back to balance the bull-scale and on and on it goes. Both are well-mannered, educated and outwardly mature business-types and neither would consider their behavior to be assoholic but it is. Bullshit is one of the fuels that stokes the a-hole engine and it is, no matter how well-intentioned, one of the highest forms of disrespect.

Jay said...

This is easily the funniest news of the year. There's no way the remainder of 2014 can bring anything to top this.

Cecil B. DeMille said...

Shakespeare already wrote this. It's called Much Ado About Nothing.

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