May 05, 2014

Today We Are Celebrating

What are we celebrating, you may ask?

We are celebrating 101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising being the #1 ad book at Amazon for one solid year.

How many ad books does Amazon sell in a year, you ask? Based on the checks I receive, I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say dozens.

Yes, friends, it's a true landmark in literary history. As a cultural milestone, it's right up there with twerking and the invention of the QR code.

Naturally, we all celebrate in our own way.

Some people like to skewer an account planner. They're mighty juicy and good for you (and they're gluten free!)

Some like to chase social media experts around the park (we never condone violence here at The Ad Contrarian World Headquarters. Even against social media experts.)

Some like to dress up as agency CEOs and drive around in convertible cars shouting clich├ęs. It's wonderful training.

It's just a fun day for everyone.

Here's what the Hoffman family is planning to do:

First, we'll be riding in the lead car in the "101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising Day Parade" right down Broadway here in Oakland (by the way, recently named America's Most Exciting City.)

Then, if we don't get shot, it's the big pancake breakfast over at the firehouse.

From there we go upstairs with some of the fireboys and smoke weed for a few hours and watch Spinal Tap.

Then it's nap time.

Then it's time for the big ceremony. We take a copy of the book and wrap it in bacon. We leave it out in the back yard. We load our fire arms and hide in the bushes. The first critter that comes sniffin' around that book, we blow that poor sucker to pieces. Unfortunately, last year it was my neighbor's daughter's dog Fluffy.

Damn shame, though, to waste that bacon.

Anyway, you can't participate in any of this hilarity unless you buy the book. So get your sorry ass over here and git yourself some of that there book learnin'.

(By the way, I think this is what the wunderkinds in the ad vanguard call "native advertising." It's an ad disguised as a blog post. In other words, it's bullshit masquerading as information.)


Anders Bisgaard Madsen said...

Oakland, the most exciting city to live in. Did you notice that one of the criteria was number of people between 20-34? Young is better, as you always say:-)

Cecil B. DeMille said...

#1 ad book for a year? That's better than me having the #1 DIY Home Lobotomy Kit instruction book for a year! Coincidentally, it's celebrated in the same way.

George Tannenbaum said...

Congratulations, Bob. Self-deprecation or not, it's quite an accomplishment.