June 09, 2011

Gullible, Ignorant, Or Just Plain Stupid?

As a person who sits with clients every day and listens to alarmingly naive notions about the magical powers of social media, it is confounding to understand where intelligent people get such misguided ideas.

Until, that is, you read idiotic assertions like this...
"...social media is the lone currency that virtually guarantees a return..."
So now social media not only cures jock itch and coffee breath it also "virtually guarantees a return."

You would expect nonsense like this to appear in some dimwit blog written by a self-proclaimed social media expert. But that's not where this is from.

This is from a business story in USA Today -- which, I guess, is the non-digital version of a dimwit blog.

I don't know where the people who write this nonsense get their information from, but you have to wonder if they're gullible, ignorant or just plain stupid. And where are the editors who are supposed to vet this baloney?

Just in case there's anyone out there who still believes all this social media hype, I suggest you talk to your local Pepsi bottlers and see what they have to say.

If I may paraphrase USA Today's business section for a moment here, social media is the lone subject that virtually guarantees misinformation.

Thanks to Mike Gluck for this

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