April 30, 2010

Anyone Have The Daypart?

Thoughts Of The Week
Thanks to David Burn of AdPulp for my two favorite quotes of the week. (He didn't write 'em, he reported 'em)
"Decision makers in every business, from entrepreneurs to local business owners to executives at enterprise organization are learning to appreciate the prospectus of social media and its promise to materialize a brighter, more interactive and customer-focused future. Very few however, create the change necessary to support the establishment of new media programming and perhaps more significantly, do not endorse or lead the humanization of the company and its culture."
"If you check into work, then you leave work, you check into a bank and then you check into a store, that's a behavior that, in aggregate, we might use to transform the way we market to you in the offline world," Mr. Bough said. "We might see dayparts that are more likely for you to check out of some place and go to the store, and we might do advertising during that specific daypart in that specific place." 
Roger that.

By the way, I forgot my watch. Do you happen to have the daypart?

From The Grumpy Brit
"The dullards are gradually correcting the eccentricity out of us all." Read the whole thing here.

Report On Yesterday's Poll
Bloggers were the big winners in yesterday's Battle Of The B.S. Artists. As of closing time last night...
  • 61% of our readers thought that brand babblers and digi-drivelers were equally full of shit
  • 23% thought digi-drivelers were worse
  • 10% thought brand babblers were worse
  • 6% thought bloggers were worse
The Honourable Company of Bloggers thanks you.

So He's The Social Media Guy
If you're looking for a good reason to stick a knife in your head, this video* ought to do it. And -- just a thought -- if you're going to present yourself as a social media expert, you really ought to have more than 18 fans on your Facebook page.

*Thanks to Richard Scull for this

Complimentary adult beverage...
...for the first person who can find me in this Sunday's New York Times Book Review.

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