February 26, 2010

Friday Follow-Up

Me and The Prez
Last month I gave my client, the President, some brilliant advice. Like many clients, he seems to be doing a great job of ignoring it. Worst of all, the invoice remains unpaid.

The Last Honest Man In Washington
Joe Biden, caught on tape yesterday: "It's easy being vice president — you don't have to do anything."

Which reminds me of a great quote from former veep Nelson Rockefeller. When asked how he liked his job, "I never wanted to be vice president of anything."

Hiring Update
A few weeks ago I posted a piece about hiring here on TAC. I'm happy to say that we've already hired a few people who came through that post and are close on a few more. To the creative people who sent us stuff, we apologize. We are way behind, but hope to catch up in the next week.

Believing My Own BS
Maybe I've been reading my own posts too much, but I have a feeling that the social media tide is turning. It certainly is not turning for the people who are making money from it (social media "experts", and agencies.) But I think it is turning for those who are being asked to pay for it.

I'm starting to think the bubble is getting a little to big. Companies are going to stop rushing into social media because everyone else is, and are going to start to ask the tough questions -- like, why the hell do I need this?

There Is Still Some Good In The World
Spring training started this week.

It's Friday. Pour Yourself A Glass Of Wine And Enjoy!
Thanks to Scrapper for this.

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