February 12, 2010

Web Bashing: It's Not Just A Hobby, It's A Lifestyle.

Attention "TV Is Dead" Maniacs
Last week's Super Bowl was the most watched show in the history of television.

Attention Web Advertising Hustlers
In the past two years clicking on web ads has dropped 50%.
If that isn't bad enough, 85% of the clicking is done by 8% of the people.

The Amazing Power Of Web Advertising (Yes, This is Irony)
The wonderful Google spot that everyone in advertising is talking about was actually posted by Google on YouTube three months ago* and has been up there ever since. Nobody but a few social media circle jerks even knew it existed. It airs once on TV. Explosion.

Morons And Their Mouths
Of all the stupid things said about the Super Bowl last week, the stupidest was this:
“Why was Google, in the forefront of the movement from old advertising to new, legitimizing TV by buying a spot in the Super Bowl?” asked Gary M. Stibel, chief executive at the New England Consulting Group.
Why? Because it works, schmuck (see "The Amazing Power Of Web Advertising" above.)
Legitimize TV advertising? Where's this guy been for 60 years?
I guess he believes it's not legitimate unless Google says so. Consultant? Perfect.

Web Metrics: Remind Me Not To Laugh
A few weeks ago I wrote about the unreliability of web metrics. Yesterday I got an email from another service claiming to measure the popularity of advertising blogs. According to this service, there is a blog that averages zero posts a week and is ranked higher than TAC. I'd like to know how that works.

Then there are two blogs that I know for a fact (I know the bloggers) have higher readership than TAC and are ranked way behind us. What a bunch of crap.

And Now Something Good About The Web


This guy's name is Michael Paul Smith. His work with miniatures is amazing. This shot was done without photoshop. View his work here. I suggest you view it in "slideshow" mode**.

*Thanks to Sharon Krinsky for this. 
**Thanks to John Lewis for this.

"The Age of the Complicator" series has been very popular so far (thanks). Part 3 posts on Tuesday.

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