December 01, 2009

Tabulating The Results

I am happy to report that the preliminary voting for the 2009 Bully Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Advertising and Marketing Bullshit is nearly completed. Here's where the leading candidates stand at this time along with their percentage of the votes.

1. Pepsi "Breathtaking" logo document          38%
2, Understanding conversations                      25%
3. Windows 7 launch party                             15%
4. Build a brand in 30 days                              5%
5. Hal Riney is spinning                                  4%
6. We started on a journey                               4%
7. Headcount reductions                                  3%
8. 100 ways to measure social media              3%
9. When planners write ads                             1%
10. The conversation economy                       1%

Later this week, a brown ribbon panel of judges will meet, count the final votes, and finalize this year's winner of the Turd d'Or. You still have a few hours to vote.

Be sure to stay tuned to learn the winner of the 2009 Bully Award.

Matt Winston

I’ve had the good fortune to meet a lot of very smart people in my life. Matt Winston was among the smartest.

Matt could talk to you intelligently about virtually any topic imaginable, and usually had a point of view about it you had never considered.

A polymath and an autodidact, remarkably, he taught himself both Russian and Japanese.

Along with his wife Kazuko, he raised two of the finest kids I know --  my nephew Theo and my niece Aya.

Matt died last weekend after a brief but difficult battle with leukemia.

RIP Matt Winston.

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