December 21, 2009

Decade of the Decade

Good news.

Only 10 more days until all the Bullshit of the Decade stuff goes away.

No more Man of the Decade, or Movie of the Decade, or Agency of the Decade, or Cheesecake of the Decade for another 10 years.

No more App of the Decade, or Spot of the Decade, or Widget of the Decade.

No more Golfer of the Decade, or Song of the Decade, or Woman of the Decade, or Story of the Decade.

All that's left to name is the Decade of the Decade.

I nominate any fucking decade but this one.

Zany Zeros Named "Decade Of The Decade"
The organization Media Morons Who Do This Kind Of Stuff  have named The Zany Zeros "Decade of the Decade."
Judges cited the fact that since the year 2000, no other decade has produced as much innovation, golf jokes, exploding people, Ethiopian lottery winners, things-that-were-supposed-to-kill-us-all, or vitamin water.
The importance of this announcement can be measured by the fact that it has been 10 years since another decade was named "Decade of the Decade."
Other nominees for "Decade of the Decade" included The Swinging Sixties (which were disqualified because they happened fifty years ago) and The Terrible Teens (which haven't happened yet but have to be better than this pile of crap.)
A 3-hour Awards Show, "The Zany Zeros: Decade of the Decade," hosted by Wolf Blitzer, will be Twittered live on New Years Eve.

...some eye-opening results from the World's Most Unscientific Social Media Survey. There's still time to take the survey here.

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