December 09, 2009

The Death Watch Continues

 From TechCrunch, November 2006 "Let's Just Declare TV Dead And Move On"
"...the writing is on the the end of the day, people want to consume content without the friction of having to sit down in front of a television at an appointed time....People want to see the whole show on YouTube. There is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior going on..."
Here at Ad Contrarian global headquarters we're still standing by, waiting for tv to go away and die.

It's been 5 years now. All the pundits and media geniuses have assured us tv is dead. All the web maniacs and new age marketing gurus have promised us it's dead. All the social media snake oil salesmen and ad agency bozos have guaranteed us it's dead.

Apparently, the only people who aren't convinced of this are the viewing public.

According to Nielsen's* "Three Screen Report," published on Monday, in the 3rd quarter of 2009...
  • 99% of all video viewing was done on a TV
  • A tiny 1.6% of video viewing was done via a DVR (TiVo)
  • An even tinier 1.2% of video viewing was done on a computer. (This includes all viral videos, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and every porn site your kid visits)
  • An infinitesimal .2% of video viewing was done on a mobile device (cell phone, iPod, etc)
Here's a little pie chart for account planners, digital marketing mavens, bloggers and others who don't read so well and don't know a fact from a fart:

Golly, folks. If I didn't know better, I'd think that maybe the experts, geniuses, and web hustlers don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

*Thanks to Michael Gass.

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