June 19, 2009

Sure To Fail

TAC is on vacation. This post originally appeared on May 30, 2008

According to The New York Times, diving into the pool of idiotic online ideas this week is Coors Light. They are launching a "Code Blue" social media application on Facebook.
“We talk a lot internally about ‘360-ing’ our innovations,” said Andy England, chief marketing officer at Coors Brewing...
Wow. 360-ing the innovations!

And what exactly is this innovation? It's the label that turns blue when it's cold because you really have to be a fucking genius to figure out when a bottle of beer is cold.

Who said America lacks innovative ideas?
“Imagine being able to ‘Code blue’ someone on your iPhone,” (Tim Sproul, group creative director... of Avenue A/Razorfish) added, “and say, ‘I just got laid off; you better go buy me a Coors Light at the local bar.’ ”
Wow. On my iPhone! How fucking cool would that be!

Excuse me for a minute. I'm 86-ing my lunch.

Sure To Fail Update:
- This post appeared about a year ago. As of now, the Code Blue Facebook app has 212 active monthly users. Code Blue indeed.
- Is the Great Facebook Apps Scare over yet, or are there still companies pissing away money on this nonsense?

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