June 10, 2009

I Don't Have To If I Don't Want To

Giving a talk today to a group of broadcast execs in a fancy ballroom, and all I can think about is going on vacation Friday, and I have a headache, and I have acid reflux, and the A's are losing 10-0, and I have not been able to hit the greens consistently with my approach shots, and I think my good blazer is in the cleaners, and the world just isn't fair, and I can't find the goddamn remote, and I have a good, funny post about Al Gore but I can't run it because two of his employees are being held by that lunatic in North Korea, and I'm getting fat, and I'm tired of writing the same posts over and over, and I wish I could sing better, and I haven't had a decent pastrami sandwich in almost a year, and I'm sick of this fucking recession or whatever the hell it is, and there hasn't been anything watchable on television in about 20 years, and a Viagra commercial just came on so I really want to kill someone, and I'm tired of reading moronic comments from web maniacs, and the weather has been awful here lately, and the battery in my laptop is good for about 20 minutes but I can't replace it because Apple just introduced another fucking iPhone and it'll be 3 weeks before I can get near one of their fucking stores, and I'm fed up with the ad business, and my daughter is growing up way too fast, and the "check engine" light has been on in my car for about 6 months, and my dog smells like dog food, and so I don't feel like writing a post today and I don't have to if I don't want to.

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