March 09, 2009

The Postmodern Ad Contrarian

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon and the basketball game isn't on for another couple of hours, and I haven't taken a shower yet because I've been writing all day, and I'm too lazy to finish the CD I've been working on or walk the dog, and I can't stand the thought of reading all the emails I've been ignoring all week, and my wife is at some ballet thing, and I'm saving The Times crossword for later, and so I'm daydreaming.

And I have an idea.

It's a blog about a blog.

It's called "The Postmodern Ad Contrarian" and it contains notes about The Ad Contrarian blog and about what I'm thinking when I write it. Because, you see, I'm not really the guy you think I am.

I actually like people. And I'm occasionally pleasant to be with. And I'm sometimes reasonable and open-minded.

So, the point is, there's a lot of consciousness about "voice" when I write The Ad Contrarian which I can write about in this new blog. I never really had a voice until July 31, 2008 when I wrote a post called "The Bitter Blogger."

Before that, I had been writing the blog for a year but no one had paid any attention. That day, some bloggers noticed the post, referenced it, and since then it's been a giddy roller-coaster ride of success, money, fame, and super-hot nymphos.

Now people still don't pay attention. But there are a lot more of them.

But I digress...

So the idea is a blog about a blog. I'll write about what's going on in my mind when I'm writing a post; about who I might be offending; about my fear that one of my clients will read the post and fire me; about how I'm making fun of really nice people who don't deserve it; about my misgivings over what I'm writing; about whether I really believe what I'm writing or just writing to be provocative; about whether I think the post will be any good and how many views it will get.

But then I have an even better idea. Instead of writing from my true point of view, I'll write it from the point of view of a fictitious me, who is nothing like me, but is...

Okay, that's it. I'm taking a shower.

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