March 31, 2009

I Love The Web. There, I Said It And I'm Not Sorry.

Because I have not joined the Divine Church of the Internet, and I do not believe it has to vanquish everything in its path to prove its value, many of my readers think I don't like it.

I actually love the web. I spend way more time with it than is either prudent or healthy.

Here's an example of its power. About three years ago I wrote a book called -- you guessed it -- The Ad Contrarian. In those three years I literally couldn't give the freaking thing away. I offered it for free and about 800 people took me up on it.

Last week I offered it as an ebook on this site. In five working days over 20,000 people downloaded it.

By the way, I've decided to charge for it retroactively. You each owe me 5 bucks.

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