January 23, 2009

We're All Creative. Yeah, Right.

We're in one of those awful business cycles during which every ad agency manager is required to stand up and rally the troops. It's the law.

One of the highlights of the obligatory pep talk occurs when the agency manager solemnly states that old slice of baloney that "we're all creative."

Well, I've got bad news. We're not all creative.

As a matter of fact, hardly any of us are. Even those of us who are called "creative" usually aren't.

We may be clever, or resourceful, or entertaining. But creative? Sorry, I don't buy it.

Nobody claims we're all handsome. Or good dancers. Or good at spelling. Or basketball. So what makes us think we're all artistic visionaries?

C'mon, let's celebrity diversity by joining hands and admitting that most of us are dim, stinky, and not creative at all.

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