January 05, 2009

New And Unimproved

Welcome to the new and unimproved Ad Contrarian '09.

After a year and a half, the staff here at TAC Worldwide feel the need to make some changes. And just like most organizations, we're changing for one reason and one reason only -- because it's much easier than improving.

So, here's the deal. We're not going to be posting every day. It may be once a week or twice a week or whenever the hell we feel like it. Why, you ask? Three reasons:
1. Posting every day is a pain in the ass. It's exhausting trying to be entertaining five days a week. Or ever, for that matter. Go ahead, big shot, try it.

2. Advertising really isn't all that fascinating. I've said most everything I can think of saying about it and I feel like I'm doing more re-writing than writing.

3. Unlike most bloggers, I have an actual job. The ad business is going to be a complete mess in 2009 and I have a responsibility to my partners and our staff to pay more attention to it while it spirals inexorably toward the drain.
Another change: we're not going to have those pathetic visuals accompanying our posts anymore. See, we've been stealing them from the web and we're afraid someone's going to find out and sue us for millions of billions of dollars. Plus they're usually either ugly or stupid.

Okay, you say, I can live with all that. What else is going to change?

Here's the good part: Nothing.

You can look forward with great confidence to the same type of strongly-held, ill-informed opinions you've come to love and expect.

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