January 09, 2009

More Self-Congratulation

Last month, in a post entitled "Will The Recession Help TV?" guest blogger Susan Bandura wrote...
"... most pundits are saying that TV advertising is more vulnerable than ever – that companies are going to cut their TV advertising budgets, that DVR penetration is going to help put the nail in the coffin.

But what’s really going to happen to TV viewing in the near future?

Let’s see … everybody has a TV … people are staying at home more … consumption of entertainment usually goes up when the economy is down… and now it's dark by the time we get home from work...

All of these factors say “more TV watching” as far as I’m concerned. Which means that TV advertising will make as much – if not more – sense than ever..."
On December 29th, in a piece entitled "TV Retains Marketing Dollars In Hard Times" The New York Times wrote*...
"While newspapers, magazines, radio and local television are all losing advertisers in the recessionary economy, the broadcast networks continue to be an anomaly, with advertisers putting their marketing dollars into national television at levels reminiscent of prosperous economic times.
Here at TAC, scooping The New York Times is what we do.

However, even though network tv is currently doing better than other media, nobody is going to be immune to this "recession."

* Thanks to Michael Gass for bringing this article to our attention. Which reminds me, the staff here at TAC Global Headquarters doesn't always have time to keep up with all the semi-fascinating ad and marketing news. If you come across something you think might be of interest, please send it to adcontrarian@gmail.com. If we use it, we'll give you a nice big shout-out and buy you a cocktail next time you're in SF. Please, no gossip or dirty laundry.

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