November 24, 2009

10 Great, Smelly Candidates

Thanks to everyone who has nominated something for The Bully Awards. We've received lots of glorious, wonderful examples of marketing bullshit (and, honestly, what more could one ask for during the holiday season?)

I've selected 10 good-looking candidates (along with links, where appropriate.) If you'd like, you can vote for your favorite below. But remember, nominations are open until December 1, so keep these smelly things rolling in.

1. Synergy-Related Headcount-Adjustment

2. "It’s About Understanding Conversations." Ohhhh.

3. Build A Brand in 30 Days

4. When Planners Write Ads

5. Arnell's "Breathtaking" Pepsi Logo Document
6. Windows 7 Launch Party

7. 100 Ways To Measure Social Media

8. Hal Riney Is Spinning

  9. "The Conversation Economy"...

10. “We Started On A Journey...

Have a peaceful, thankful holiday.

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