November 09, 2009

Engineered By Illiterates

On the inside back cover of last week's (Nov. 2) New Yorker magazine, there's an ad by Land Rover.

The ad is supposed to impress us with the technological wizardry of the new Range Rover.

Only problem is, it's hard to convince us that people who can't write properly, can't hire competent proofreaders, and don't know the difference between its and it's can be very advanced at anything.

The headline -- "Eyes In The Front, Back And Side Of It's Head"

It's one thing to find a typo in a stupid-ass blog like this that has one semi-alert writer and no checks and balances. It's another to find one in the headline of an inside back cover.

We all know how many knuckleheads get their greasy hands on an ad before it leaves the barn. How in the world does something like this get through?

Thanks to Maria Winston for this and, oh yeah, happy birthday.

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