May 14, 2008

The Unknown Secret To Successful Advertising

I am about to reveal the marketing secret that has made me fabulously famous, ridiculously wealthy, and internationally handsome.

Drum roll, please...

Target the heavy user, stupid.

It is a simple idea that so few clients and agencies understand. The heavy user* in your category usually...
  • ...represents only about 30% of the customers, but
  • ...probably represents about 70% of money spent in the category
  • ...probably represents most if not all the profit in the category
  • no more expensive to reach than a light user
  • ...but can be worth 10 or more light users
  • the key to success
Companies that attract the heavy users in their category are usually the category leaders in sales, profitability or both.

Don't forget:
Key strategies for targeting the heavy user are explained in The Ad Contrarian book.

Revealed tomorrow:
How to target the light user and lose lots of money.

"Unknown secret"
I know it's a redundancy, smartass.

* By "heavy user" we mean the person who spends lots of money in your category. And, by the way, what other blog gives you footnotes? Name one.

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