May 30, 2008

Sure To Fail

According to The New York Times, diving into the pool of idiotic online ideas this week is Coors Light. They are launching a "Code Blue" social media application on Facebook.
“We talk a lot internally about ‘360-ing’ our innovations,” said Andy England, chief marketing officer at Coors Brewing...
Wow. 360-ing the innovations.

And what exactly is this innovation? It's the label that turns blue when it's cold because you really have to be a fucking genius to figure out when a bottle of beer is cold. Who said America lacks innovative ideas?
“Imagine being able to ‘Code blue’ someone on your iPhone,” he (Tim Sproul, group creative director... of Avenue A/Razorfish) added, “and say, ‘I just got laid off; you better go buy me a Coors Light at the local bar.’ ”
Wow. On my iPhone! How fucking cool would that be!

Excuse me while I 180 this innovation.

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