May 05, 2008

Three Words

In a post yesterday, Seth Godin defined "great marketing" in four words: Make Big Promises, Overdeliver. In the blog he said, "If you can define great marketing in fewer words than that, you win."

I don't know what I win, but I'd like to take a crack at it.

There's a blues song that goes like this:
Feelin’ good
Feelin’ good
All the money in the world spent on
Feelin’ good*

The guy who wrote that lyric understands marketing better than all the Stanford MBA’s I’ve ever worked with put together. That’s what commerce is all about – people spending money to acquire goods or services they think will make them feel good.

And so, in three words, my definition of great marketing (coincidentally from another song lyric) is this: Make Someone Happy.

Note To Seth:
You can donate my prize to your favorite charity.

(J.B. Lenoir/Jim Dickinson)

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