August 25, 2014

It's That Awful Time Again

As regular readers know, every 90 days or so you have to pay the price for all this fine crankiness by sitting through some obnoxious self-promotion. Here at The Ketel One Conference Center overlooking the beautiful Ad Contrarian Worldwide Campus, we think it's a small price to pay.

Here's some news:
  • I have completed an almost-final draft of my next book. It's called "Advertising Needs Troublemakers" and it should be available by mid-to-late October at Amazon. Save your nickels. 
    By the way, "101 Contrarian Ideas..." is still Amazon's #1 selling ad book after a year and a half (not that I'm the kind of person who would brag about such things...) If you haven't read it, and you are not happy or successful or sexually fulfilled, don't blame me.
  • Since I gave a talk in London (video here) earlier this year at Advertising Week Europe, I'm suddenly totally popular and getting lots of hot dates. I think my hair is even growing back.
    I'm represented by Keynote Speakers and I have a page here about speaking. For info on having me speak at an event, conference, meeting, or long liquid lunch, please click here or contact Keynote at  
  • Type A Group (my consulting company) works with agencies, clients, and media. If your team is confused, struggling with strategy, needs clarified thinking, or is talking in tongues, we can probably help quickly and reasonably. We have dates available in October and January. For more info, click here right now. By the way, if you're not the boss and your company needs help, feel free to slide this under the boss's door. Yes, that's right, the whole damn computer.
  • Is it possible that we Ad Contras have been right all these years? Avinash Kaushik, self-described "Digital Marketing Evangelist" and all-around smart guy, wrote a post last week about the power of traditional advertising (specifically TV.) I suggest you read it -- particularly if you are an online ad person. It's reassuring to know that there are still some people for whom facts are more important than ideology. 


julian_koenig said...

The Avinash Kaushik post is a good read, but even more enlightening is the comment section. "No, TV IS dead, it really is!" "I never watch TV so it must be dead and you must be wrong." Etc., etc. The digital evangelist must be amazed at the stubbornness of his disciples, even in the face of facts.

Tim said...

Reminded me of a term I first heard of a few years ago - "NASCAR Blindness" or "I don't watch that crap so it must be no one else does either."

Jim Powell said...

The comments section reminds me of a funny I once read that went - "How do you know if someone is a Vegan?" "Don't worry they'll soon tell you."

It is like that that with those that don't have a TV, they are dying to tell you. I think it is because they don't really like people. They see TV as an activity of the unwashed - the heathens - us lot. The ones who are to blame for all the ills in modern society.

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