June 26, 2013

The Seven Secrets Of Successful Lazy-Ass Bums

I hate working.

I hate sitting in an office. I hate going to meetings. I hate writing performance reviews. I hate "nurturing" people. I hate listening to bullshit artists and know-nothing loudmouths who dominate our business. Yet somehow I managed to be reasonably successful.

Here are my 7 secrets of success.
1. Assume everyone is faking it. Nobody knows a thing about advertising. All the rules are bullshit. There are a few people who can make good ads. That's all there is.
2. Preparation is everything. If you are not the best prepared person in every meeting you are just another empty t-shirt. You will never get your way and you will always be second rate.
3. Do as little work as possible at the office. Do your real work at home. It's almost impossible to do anything useful in an office. Offices are for meetings and phone calls and memos and emails and Powerpoints and politics and bullshit.
4. Worry about everything. If you don't worry you don't care. Figure out what's going to go wrong and be prepared when it does.
5. Stay as far away from big organizations as possible. Corporations will suck all the joy out of your life and all the life out of your joy. Corporations are poison, and the more they pay you the more they own you.

6. Pay no attention to the industry. The more you read about what other agencies or other clients are doing the more you're going to become a cliché spewing zombie. Figure things out for yourself.

7. Be satisfied. You don't have to work for the biggest agency in the world or be the best art director on the planet to be successful and happy. You're not going to be Bill Bernbach anyway, so forget about it. If you're doing work that is respectable, and you're not suffering 90% of the time, you're way ahead of most of the poor bastards in this business. Enjoy it.
 That's as close to a pep talk as I get.


Jason B. said...

As far as "corporations are poison" goes, does that apply to clients or just ad agency conglomerates?

Carl Zetie said...

Wow, that's certainly given ME the boost I need to get over Humpday...

mike concannon said...


I connect w people I try to be a giver rather than a mere asker/taker -
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Cecil B Demille said...


Neal said...

This reminds of George Lois' book, Damn Good Advice. Wondered if you had read it or plan to comment on it.

Paul Suggett said...

For anyone working in a corporation, I highly recommend "Orbiting The Giant Hairball" by Gordon MacKenzie.