June 04, 2013

Land Of Linkin'

What do you do when you're too lazy to write a post?

Here are some links of interest
  • Cliche festival disguised as futuristic ad wisdom: Here
  • My ranting about over 50's confirmed by University of Michigan: Here
  • I'm shocked, shocked I tell you: "Research" done by online video ad company finds online video more effective than TV. Here
  • What are the best and worst times to post on social media networks? Here
  • Would you rather have the internet or a washing machine? Here
  • Google scheming to avoid taxes? Get outta here
  • Think it's easy? You try it: Vice-Mayor of Mount Carmel, TN driving 90 MPH with genitals hanging out window. Here
 Thanks to all the people who send me interesting links. I really do appreciate it.


Martin Weigel said...

There has to be a name for a link that makes one want to stab oneself in the face out of despair.

Phil Koesterer said...

"Buzzfeed" is already taken.

Anonymous said...

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Robert said...

Don't despair, Martin. Most of us can't hang it out the window while driving.

Anonymous said...

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Jeremy Nye said...

That 'research' by the online ad company didn't really find that online video was more effective. They grouped together the % who found it 'equally' effective and 'more' effective (rather dodgy...). Mashable ignored this and just said that it was 'more' effective. It's hopeless!