May 23, 2013

Please Don't Use That Word

There is a universe that a certain kind of digital marketing bonehead comes from that has a language of its own. It's a horrible language. It is hugely annoying, but it is unrelenting and it seems to be spreading.

It gives us compound words and neologisms that must seem terribly clever to illiterate nitwits, but make anyone with a sense of propriety want to commit hideous acts of violence. Some of the "words" it has given us are...
These almost-words are just cute enough that they must make these vapid dullards people feel very clever and creative.

Well, get ready. I just heard a new one -- mocial.

No, I'm not kidding. In case you don't work at a second-rate digital agency and don't know what mocial is, it is apparently the combination of mobile and social.

Or moron and atrocial.

From what I hear, mocial is ready to explode all over the digital ecosystem. Be careful not to get any on your pants.

Mocial gives me nausarrhea.

My friend Jason Headley writes and directs great little movies. Here's one he just made that is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

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Philopoemen said...

To be fair to "gamification", at least it's descriptive and not simply a portmanteau.

Michael said...

Came across this one yesterday: Growth Hacker

Makes me phydgety just thinking about it...

Alexandre Lamarre said...

I'm stealing "nausarrhea".

Edwin Heaven said...

The Nausarrhea. A good name for a bad restaurant.

Shanghai61 said...

They're suffering from neostalgia - a deep yearning for the future they dream of.

malongo said...


"Okay team, our marketing strategy is tanking. Apparently 18 to 20-year-olds don't have any money."

"What if we target the ones with jobs?"

"Kids with jobs? Oh you mean OLD PEOPLE. We call them 'consumers.'"

"Consumers... Sounds negative. How about PROsumers?"

"You mean people whose profession is to consume? Of course! THEY have money to spend!"

"Exactly. Tell the agency we need something for prosumers. 18 to 20."

"We're gonna win a medal for this."

Neil Charles said...

OK, it's not a compound word but I have a special affection for "Dark Social". It sounds like a social network for the bad guys in Lord of the Rings.

It means email.

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