July 02, 2012

The 5th Anniversary Edition

Today marks the 5th anniversary of The Ad Contrarian.

Against all odds, the blog is still alive, readership is still growing, and it hasn't cost me any accounts. All this is very gratifying.

I am rewarding myself with a sabbatical. I'm going to take the month of July off and I'll be back in August.

For all the blogoholics out there, I'll be posting stuff from years past that I think is either still relevant or entertaining.

Have a good July and I'll see you sometime in August.


Paul Benjou said...

hApPy BiRtHdAy!

Larry said...

Looking forward to your return. Your no b.s. writing brightens my cynical day.

Ssicic said...

Happy anniversary.

After your holidays, I'd like to see comment on Microsoft (especially Jennifer Creegan) recently focusing on  "engagement" , "experience" and all that not measurable stuff.

Geoff said...

Have a great summer. I consider your blog as just about the only commentary worth  spending any time thinking about -- so her'es hoping you return reinvigorated and mad as hell.  

Steve said...

Bob-- Congrats!!
I know it brightens my day...

See you in August and let's do an anniversary lunch!!!


Jim said...

Happy 5th Birthday.  Enjoy your cake.