January 16, 2012

The End Of Broadcasting. Don't Miss the Party.

Get out your tuxedo. Mark your calendar. Advertising is dead again, and we're having a celebration!

It's all being brought to you by the Content Marketing Institute. They're having a "Post-Advertising Summit" and we're all invited.
"The Post-Advertising Summit celebrates the end of the broadcast age and the dawn of a new era for marketing." 
Now, this isn't the same "end of the broadcast age" that happened last year, or the year before, or every year for the past ten years. This is an all new funeral for advertising. And the way you know it's for real is that this time it's sponsored by an Institute. That's right, an Institute -- not just a bunch of self-righteous web hustlers trying to make a quick buck.

The only thing is, somebody better tell Apple and McDonald's and General Motors and Nike and Toyota and All State and Budweiser and Kraft and Proctor & Gamble and Microsoft and Bank of America and Ford and Burger King and Chase and AT&T and Coca-Cola and Disney and PlayStation and Geico and Pepsi and Subway and...well, somebody better tell all these idiots that advertising is dead and it's the end of the broadcast age because if I'm not mistaken I thought I saw spots for them all over TV this weekend.

But you know what? I'm not gonna let the evidence of my own eyes undermine the brilliance of these "content" marketing guys. Heck, they're not making stupid commercials like we are, they're making real live content!

Plus, the party sounds like a totally wild time. Don't think for a moment that it's the same old bullshit you've been hearing at every other "advertising is dead" conference. Heck no. This one sounds like a real fun fest... 
"You will leave the Summit having CREATED two pieces of content"
Ohmygod. Two pieces of content! I never dreamed I could even create ONE piece of content. This is so awesome.
"You will be part of conversations and workshops that shape the future of marketing."
Me? I'm gonna shape the future of marketing? With conversations and workshops? Little ol' me?
"Our speakers are experts across varied disciplines, not just marketing or social media."
That's awesome because, honestly, the speakers at the last ten thousand conferences I went to about the death of advertising and broadcasting didn't get it exactly right. As a matter of fact they were totally and utterly full of shit.

This time it's different, though. These people are experts.

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