January 31, 2012

Activate Social Audiences On All Media Ecosystems

Friends, I have good news.

I read a PR release from a company named Unified that says it has a new product that can "activate social audiences on all media ecosystems simultaneously." It's a freakin' dream come true.
"Unified's enterprise marketing technology allows global brands and agencies to easily activate social audiences and impact consumer actions on all major social media ecosystems simultaneously."
You know, if there's one thing I love to do, it's activate a social audience. To be honest here, I've unwittingly activated a few anti-social audiences. That's no fun at all. Those people are dangerous.

One more thing. I'm used to activating my social audiences one at a time. Usually over a Ketel One martini, very dry, with an olive. Who'd believe I could activate them simultaneously on all media ecosystems ? It's a doggone miracle.

Not only that, but...
"The SOP is an enterprise-architected multi-tenant environment..."
Now this one's got me a little worried. You see, I grew up in multi-tenant environment in New York City. We called it a project. And I got my ass kicked fairly regularly in my multi-tenant environment.

I don't know if it was enterprise-architected or just architected by, you know, architects. But either way, I'll take a nice uni-tenant environment any day.

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