October 29, 2010

The Friday Fog

Living In A Fog
As I suspected, my post on Wednesday called The True Cost Of Social Media created hysteria among the lunatic fringe of the social media set. These people have the reading comprehension of 2nd graders and analytical ability of toasters.

My point in the post was not that social media is worthless or always requires large expenditures of money. My point was that social media is not "a low cost highway to marketing success" and that the chances of success are enormously enhanced for brands that are well-established through traditional marketing.

But I've given up expecting these dullards to be able to draw distinctions or understand subtleties.

By the way, the post was one of Alltop's "Most Topular Stories" this week. 

An Interesting Phenomenon
It's interesting to me how powerful Twitter links are in generating clicks to this blog. Far more powerful than links from blogs. When I check to see where my (non-subscriber) readers come from, by far the largest number come from Twitter links.

An interesting example is Jason Falls. Jason writes the very popular Social Media Explorer blog -- and is one of the good-guy social media experts. He often links to this blog. Sometimes he links in his blog, sometimes in Twitter posts. One of his Twitter links probably generates at least 3 times as many visits as a blog link.

Another example is a post I did back in May called Why Creatives Are Always Confused. Someone tweeted the link this week and this post is having its third life.

I make fun of Twitter a lot, but there's no question that it has been a substantial factor in the growth of this blog.

By the way...
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