October 21, 2010

3 Secrets Of Creativity

After 100 years in the ad business I think I've discovered the secrets to being a good creative person.
  • Insomnia -- Good ideas come at odd hours. You've got to be awake when they show up. 
  • Fear of embarrassment -- If you're not afraid of your friends making fun of your work, you'll never be any good. 
  • Will -- A lot of people have talent. Only a few have the will to impose their talent. These people are a pain in the ass and drive everyone around them crazy. But they don't quit till they get it the way they want it.
But TAC we're all creative!

TAC is on vacation. This was re-posted from a few years ago.

Huge Thank You...
...to Bob Knorpp, creator and host of The BeanCast (the best marketing podcast anywhere) for a stunningly generous profile on his blog yesterday. You can find it here.

Another Huge Thank You...
...to Simon Billing, author of the wonderful blog The Grumpy Brit, for his lovely comment.

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