June 14, 2010

Let The Hysteria Begin

Well, it didn't take long.

Last Wednesday, in a post called The Amazing Social Media Swindle I wrote,
"The good news is that pretty soon social media marketing hysteria will go the way of podcasts and widgets, and we can all get hysterical about iAds."
For once, I was prescient. Within 24 hours, the Wall Street Journal ran a headline story called "Apple's Next Disruption: Advertising."

Just as I suspected iAds are the next installment in the long history of "things that will change everything." According to the Journal,
It is easy to underestimate the importance of mobile Internet and advertising...

Who will suffer from the advance of mobile advertising? TV networks... big Internet portals also may be at risk. Regardless, mobile likely will cause a bigger, faster disruption to the ad world than is generally appreciated.
This is exactly the kind of article that will get the hysteria ball rolling. Better put an iAds section in your new business presentation because I guarantee you every marketing nitwit in the world will be asking you about it.

That was Thursday. Then on Friday came this:

"A panel of experts will discuss how media will embrace the emerging platform of mobile tablets."
Gotta love it. iAds were introduced about a half hour ago and already there are experts.

The fun thing about this is that as iAds hysteria builds and social media becomes old hat, all the frauds who have worked so hard to be social media experts are going to have to scramble to become mobile/tablet media experts.

The good thing is that the digi-babblers are starting to get bored with their weekly social media conferences. iAds hysteria will spawn a deluge of new "tablet advertising" conferences which will keep them busy and out of town where they can't annoy us and do too much damage.

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