January 25, 2010

The Tweet Machine

If you have a Twitter account (yes, I am one of those wretched losers) you quickly learn how monumentally dull most people are.

I can't imagine that any sane person is pathetic enough to read all the Tweets he receives. But if you did, you would surely be driven to suicide.

So, I have an idea.

It's a way for the average brain-dead Twitterer to appear smart. Okay, maybe not smart, but at least conscious.

It's a website where you buy Tweets. I call it The Tweet Machine. You go to the website and find ready-made Tweets on virtually any topic you want.

You want to Tweet about advertising? You go to The Tweet Machine, you click on business, then you click on advertising, and there you find 100 ready-made Tweets about advertising, some complete with links. All you do is copy and paste.

We charge $5 a month to be a member.

I figure I can get this thing up and running for about a million bucks and make more money in the first week than Twitter will make this century.

Who's in?

Line Extension...
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