October 30, 2009

Things That Go Backwards

Yellow legal pads used to be for people who used lots of paper and didn't want to pay the premium for more refined white paper. Now you pay extra for them.

Stinky goat cheese used to be for poor people who couldn't afford the classier cow kind. Now it's a delicacy.

It's easier to play the guitar than Guitar Hero.

Note To Apple

Someone left me a voice mail at 3:30 yesterday afternoon. It didn't arrive at my iPhone until 7:55 this morning. That's 16 hours and 25 minutes later. I'm really getting tired of this shit.

Here's the thing, Steve. I don't need an app that tells me what my fucking sperm count is, or when Jupiter crosses the fucking plane of the ecliptic. I need to get my fucking phone calls and my fucking emails, okay?

Christmas for the maladjusted.

Damn right I'm grumpy.

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