October 27, 2009

Brains Falling Out

How To Succeed In Social Media
The smartest thing I've read about social media in a long time, from Monday Morning Memo:
"Focus your attention on your customers. Social media will take care of itself."

Thanks to Mike Hunt for this (c'mon, is that really your name?)

Oh, It's All About Me!
Has there ever been a bigger, stupider, more cliche-ridden campaign than Yahoo's new global "branding" campaign? That's a rhetorical question.

It would be hard to find a campaign that more thoroughly runs counter to my brilliant principles of advertising. What? You haven't read my brilliant principles? Here you go.

Nerd's Eye View
I admit it. I'm a geek. Just about the only things I watch on TV (when baseball season is over) are Nova and Nature and shows about black holes and sea otters.

I love nature and trees and seahorses and cuddly koalas and all of God's and Disney's creatures just as much as the next guy. But I've about had it with every wildlife program ending with the solemn pronouncement that man is the problem. Aren't there any other problems besides us? Aren't tornadoes a problem? And drought? And disease? And asteroids? And earthquakes? And Twitter? Can't we at least share some of the blame?

And Speaking Of Twitter
On March 3, 2009 TAC predicted we would soon have "
Twitter: The Musical."

Well, we were close. According to Ad Broad, there was some kind of Broadway/Twitter thing that happened earlier this year. I'm not sure what it was because when I try to read this Twitter crap my brains start falling out.

I predicted that it
would mark the beginning of the end of the Great Twitter Scare of '09. Let's hope I was right.

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