August 07, 2009

Friday On My Mind

Tweets From Hell
I know that one of the reasons you read this blog is that I'm always honest with you. Well, I have something to say kids, please sit down.

I'm afraid that most of the entries in Wednesday's Dead Twitterers Contest were pretty freaking lousy. There I said it and I'm not sorry. My advice -- don't die. And if you do, don't Twitter.

Nonetheless, I was able to pick 5 finalists (make that 6, I added a late entry.) Now you get to vote for your favorite.

Congratulations to our finalists, and thanks to everyone who contributed.

Thanks to Leslie Gordon for the title of this post

Borat & Bruno
Almost everyone I know saw the Borat movie and loved it. Yet nobody I know has seen Bruno.

It is true that Borat received high praise from movie critics and Bruno got lukewarm reviews. But let's not pretend that pop culture success is highly sensitive to aesthetics.

So what went wrong with Bruno?

I think they did too well at publicity. There was so much publicity, in fact, that a lot of people may have felt like they had already seen it, or knew enough about it that they really didn't have to see it.

Marketing is a tricky thing.

Special Thanks To Two Bloggers Today:
The Grumpy Brit is a very smart man despite his baffling fondness for this blog. Also big thanks to Vic and the boys and girls at Sell! Sell! who called my book "the best advertising book of the last 10 years." Wow.

In Honor of Friday

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