July 31, 2009

Bride of Friday Follies

Assertions Without Facts
The latest batch of web nonsense comes to us from an Ad Age piece entitled "Advertising Will Change Forever." (I guess "The Web Has Changed Everything" is now such a cliche, even the jargonistas won't use it anymore.)

You gotta say something for these people, they've got balls. Here's what the writer says:
"In this recession, marketers have learned that interactive marketing is more effective, and advertising less effective, per dollar spent... Unlike the last recession, digital marketing is no longer experimental. Now it looks more like advertising is inefficient, relative to digital."
The great thing about these assertions -- not a single fact to back to them up.

The appalling part is that the writer claims to be a researcher. What's the research basis for these preposterous pronouncements? Believe it or not, marketers opinions.

Someone needs to explain to these people the difference between research and chatter.

Where Are The Frogs When We Need Them?
You can tell there's new management at Budweiser. Their advertising is really starting to stink.

Favorite Spot Of The Week
Thanks to David Burn over at AdPulp for finding this gem.

Death On Wheels
I was in a cross walk this week and almost got killed by a bicyclist. Bicyclists are very self-righteous about drivers hogging the road. But they never stop for pedestrians.

Next Time Some Old Fart Starts Going Off About How Great Advertising Used To Be...

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