July 22, 2009

Two Years Later

This is the second anniversary of The Ad Contrarian.

I started this blog with three goals in mind.
1. Shoot my mouth off
2. Expose bullshit and challenge hypocrisy
3. Harness my insomnia
I don't know if I've accomplished anything, but at least I have something to do at 3 am.

I have noticed that some fairly popular ad blogs have packed it in this year, including Scamp and Dear Jane Sample. I can see why. Blogging is a pain in the ass.

The most popular ad blogs are about two things I have absolutely no interest in: agency gossip and ad industry news. I really don't give a damn about who's about to get fired at some global monstrosity or which agency is losing what account.

Once you take that stuff out of the mix, there really isn't all that much to write about. I realized this after about 10 days and figured I was done.

Another thing that makes blogging a pain in the ass is that, while most readers are sensible and generous, there is a significant component of the online population that are either malicious nut jobs or maddening pests. I divide them into two groups: The Squids and the Ferrets.

The Squids are sociopaths who send anonymous emails and comments -- usually about the sexual preferences of your family members. These are the people who used to torture small mammals when they were children.

The Ferrets are nuisances who think everything you say requires a counter-argument by them. They clog your comment box with poorly-reasoned, slightly off-point assertions. These are the people who get fired from agencies every few months because they know how to do everyone's job but their own.

Finally, the pay is lousy and there are no groupies.

Nonetheless, it's two year's later and here we are.

There are some people I want to thank. First, my regular readers. Second, the people who have had nice things to say about this blog. Third, my frequent commenters -- especially the ones who agree with me.

I know what you're thinking. "That Ad Contrarian, he stays up late writing every night just so we can have a rollicking good time in the morning. What a guy. I wish there was something we could do for him!"

Well, as luck would have it, there is. Please take this 5 question survey. I promise it will take you under 30 seconds and will help me understand what the hell I'm doing here.


Oh, Yeah, And Another Thing You Can Do...
Send this link to 3 smart people. If you don't know 3 smart people, send it to 3 marketing people.

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