November 14, 2008

Take My Poll, Please

I was surfin' the old interweb the other evening and I came upon a poll. I have no idea what the poll was about, but it was designed so nicely that I immediately wanted a poll myself.

So I went to PollDaddy, the source of said poll, and found that I could have an awesome poll just like the one I saw for FREE! Couldn't pass that up.

The only trouble was, I didn't have anything I wanted to have a poll about. (You see, secretly I don't give a shit about what anyone thinks. Promise not to tell?)

So I sat around for a while and thought, what can I have a poll about? First I thought "why not take a poll about what kind of poll I should have?" which I thought was a pretty funny idea.

Then I realized -- yes! -- there is something really important that has been ignored by the ad blogging community and we need to get it out in the open.

So please take this poll. And remember, voting is not just a right. It's a responsibility.

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