November 18, 2008

How Ad Agencies Make Money

Part 1.

Okay, you're sitting in your cubicle and you're thinking, "why the hell do I care how ad agencies make money?" Here's why:
  • So you won't sound like an idiot when you talk to grown-ups.
  • Do you really want to work for these morons the rest of your life? If not, you need to know more than how to load the toner cartridge.
The reason for this post is that I read an advertising blog the other day and it was clear to me that the blogger had no clue how agencies make money.

So I thought -- as a public service -- I'd do a little series on the economics of the ad business. But don't be frightened. I'll make it so simple even an account planner can understand it. Art directors I can't guarantee.

Here's an outline of what the series will look like:

Part 1: Intro (That's this bullshit you're reading now.)
Part 2: The Three Numbers You Have To Know
Part 3: Why "MadMen" Lived In Barbie Dream Houses And You Live In A Shit Dump.
Part 4: All Advertising Bloggers Are Idiots.

I reserve the right to change this as we go along.

Okay, so your first assignment is to read this and later in the series we'll talk about why the guy who wrote it doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.

Someone must have dick-slapped the guy who wrote the article I "assigned" because he has since disclaimed his initial mistake. But read the article anyway and we'll talk.

Also read this piece by the same guy. Same problem. We'll talk about it later this week.

Part 2: The Three Numbers You Have To Know

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