June 19, 2008

How The Narcissistic Keep In Touch With The Feckless

The latest idiotic rage in "social media" is Twitter.

For those of you who have been on another planet for the last year or so, Twitter is essentially a way for the narcissistic to keep in touch with the feckless.

In short bursts, 140 characters or less, they post messages to their "friends" about what they're doing -- "Now I'm going to the dry cleaners." "Now I'm changing my shorts."

As a blogger, I'm no stranger to narcissism. But the idea that someone (other than Marcel Proust) thinks the mundane particulars of his/her daily life are so fascinating that they should be documented and regularly updated is astounding. The fact that anyone actually follows them is mind-boggling.

To the outsider (that's me), it reinforces the impression that this whole "social media" thing is just one big circle of jerk.

Have you noticed that it's hard to find a TAC post without the word "idiotic" or "moronic" in it? I'm starting to think I'm not a people person.

Also, "dry cleaning" seems to pop up a lot.

Like "chat rooms", Twitter will be a bad memory soon enough

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