June 17, 2008

Dumb and Desperate

The advertising community has convinced itself to go back 50 years and create its own tv shows to sponsor. Although now, of course, it has to have a bullshit name -- "branded entertainment" -- to make it more attractive to the nitwits who are doing it.
“Branded entertainment brings the experience of the brand to the viewer...” said Mitch Sheiner, vice president and associate media director at...MediaVest ...
Yeah, right. And how's this for some brilliant branded entertainment...
Dos Equis beer will present a reality series on the Mojo HD cable network that will chronicle the search for an assistant to a character who is featured in the brand’s advertising campaign.. according to The New York Times.
Wow, can't wait for that. Talk about bringing the experience of the brand to the viewer! Well, if you think that's stupid, wait, there's more.
...Meow Mix...is underwriting a game show for GSN, the Game Show Network cable channel, that will test how well cat owners understand their pets — and vice versa...
I don't understand my wife, I'm supposed to understand my cat?
Putting something on TV is easy,” Mr. Sheiner said. “Putting something on TV that’s effective and engaging and builds awareness — that’s the key.
Yeah, good luck with that, Sheiner.

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