October 03, 2007

Overstimulated by the NBA

The new NBA season is soon to begin, so you can expect me to become even crankier. I used to love the NBA. Now, every time I go to a game I swear I'll never go back. Until the next game.

The constant marketing drives me crazy. There is not a minute during the game when someone isn't trying to sell me something. And when they're not selling something the idiotic promotions and incessant music and noise are appalling.

People on skates taunting the crowd with cold, gelatinous pizza. Morons with their hats on backwards shooting t-shirts into the crowd. It's got all the delicate charm of Las Vegas, except without the free booze.

Would someone please tell the NBA marketing people that the game is exciting enough. I don't need constant, relentless, artificial stimulation. They are now even pumping in canned crowd noise. I'd like some quiet time. I'd like my taunting of Mark Cuban to be heard.

And one more thing. The Star Spangled Banner has a fucking melody, okay?

I'm crankier already.

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