September 10, 2007

Report From the Real World

A few brave souls volunteered to drop out of pop culture for two weeks (see Media Droputs) and tell us how it feels. Here are two reports after the first week:

From "Dotcalm"
I have realized this is not easy to do! I'm used to either waking up to Whoopi or NPR - so there's news in my face one way or the other - so set it to buzz...
Then, my e-mail login page has "Bad News" and "Celebrity Idiots of the Day" sections, so tried to avert my eyes...
Okay, is baseball and juvenile comedies sexist? I'm usually aurally entertained with soaps and sitcoms while I work, but tried to just play jazz instead...
I usually don't read newspapers as they like to print 10 bad stories for every good one - but giving up Sunday paper....?
We eat in front of the TV so that's tricky too (no kitchen table here folks!)
So... I did feel more productive with just the radio on, and less stressed. I tried to just stay in my office one night and avoid tv with my husband, but a steady diet of that would create tension all around!
It was great to avoid all the stupid lead ins and teasers the news and "entertainment" shows bombard us with; not hearing "crap" like that - only bits of "real" news - gave me less stuff to "worry" about (ie, clutter my mind with).
I think this has been a difficult, but useful, challenge!

From "The Professor"
So far so good. Not feeling much different but it's early. The hardest part is remembering. I have discovered that consuming Pop Culture is habit more than anything. I don't think about it, I just find myself in front of the tube for no apparent reason. If this gets me to start making the consumption of Pop Culture a decision rather than a reflex it will accomplish a lot.


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