September 20, 2007

Jersey Old Men

TAC has written previously about the remarkably under-utilized potential for marketing to people over 50 (see Aiming Low)

It was reinforced recently when I went to see Jersey Boys, a stunningly mediocre exercise in pop nostalgia (full disclosure: I almost always hate Broadway musicals.)

The writing was exactly what I expected -- that cloying high school sensibility that so often infuses Broadway shows. The real shocker was the music. A Vegas Four Seasons cover band could have done better.

None of this seemed to bother the baby boomer crowd that packed the theater. They reveled in the self-referential material.

The producers of this musical have cannily filled a gaping marketing hole -- entertainment for baby boomers. Just as so many other industries have foolishly placed all their chips on the youth market, the entertainment industry is not producing nearly enough "product" for these people.

I expect the producers of Jersey Boys have made a fortune. There are more fortunes to be made.


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