October 15, 2015

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Steps In It Again

Over a year ago I wrote a piece about Yahoo ceo Marissa Mayer's clueless comments at the Cannes carnival of narcissism, which included this gem...
"Art is advertising and advertising is art."
Yeah, right. Poetry is limericks and limericks are poetry.

A couple of weeks ago at the Advertising Week jerkoff jamboree (which I am proud to say I contributed generously to) she took a nice shot at equaling the lunacy of her Cannes statement with the following nonsense about online advertising...
"I just think it makes the Internet better... The experience on the Web [without ads] becomes a lot less rich in my experience."
Yeah, that's why people are running for the exits.

They're downloading ad blockers by the bucketful because online advertising provides such a wonderfully rich experience.

You really have to wonder if these people actually believe this bullshit or if they are so contemptuous of the rest of us that they think they can say anything and not be held accountable.

I understand that Ms. Mayer has to make a buck. We all do. But, please, use a little common sense. You're a smart person, don't go making statements that make you look like an idiot.

Online advertising, fueled by "ad tech", is a blight and a disgrace. It desperately needs help. It desperately needs people like Mayer to take the lead in reforming it, not adding to the festival of denial and whining that the industry is currently engaged in.

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