October 06, 2015

Take This Test To See If You Are Delusional

As a world famous writer once said, marketers are from Mars.

But today we are not talking about marketing nutjobs in general, today we're talking about you.

The question today is a personal one: How far have you deviated from reality?

Take this test to find out.

First, I want you to think about your refrigerator.

Think about all the stuff that's in there: The cheese, the eggs, the juice, the jelly, the butter, the beer, the mayonnaise, the bacon, the mustard, the frozen chicken strips...

Now think about your pantry. The cereals, the beans, the napkins, the flour, the detergent, the sugar, the rice, the bleach...

Next your medicine cabinet. The toothpaste, the pain relievers, the shampoo, the tweezers, the soap, the band-aids, the deodorant...

Now your dresser. Your socks, your underwear, your shirts, your pajamas, your swim suit, your t-shirts, your sweaters...

Now your car. The battery, the tires, the wiper blades, motor oil, gasoline, the air filter, the muffler...

Now answer these questions:
  • Do you "share branded content" about any of this stuff? 
  • Do you feel "personally engaged" with these brands? 
  • Do you "join conversations" on line about this crap? 
  • Do you ever "co-create" with any of these brands? 
  • Do you feel like you are part of these brands' "communities?"
Now answer me this: If you don't, why in the fucking world do you believe anyone else does?

Okay, you may now return to your regularly scheduled delusions.

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