July 07, 2011

Social Media Madness Goes Global

Just when you think that utopian social media claptrap has about run its course, along comes something that renews your faith in the ability of web-addled maniacs to create infinite permutations of infantile nonsense.

And lest you think that America has a monopoly on social media madness, this thing comes our way via a recent article in B&T in Australia. According to the piece...
"We are now living our lives in a perpetual state of beta through social media."
Ohmygod, a perpetual state of beta! And I thought it was just a little case of irritable bowel syndrome...
"...it’s a place where opportunity and innovation exist interdependently presenting us with new paths and a new narrative; stories that inspire a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. Understanding this fully is, in part, learning how we can authentically drive content across platforms to create new experiences."
Wow. Who knew? I imagined I was just posting some stuff on Facebook about how my friend's cat peed on his new golf bag. Turns out I'm authentically driving content across platforms to create new experiences! You gotta admit, I'm pretty awesome.
"Ultimately, it’s about learning how we can transform from being content producers to ‘context producers’ as we reflect reconnection in our products, culture, and people."
Well that settles it. I am so going to reflect reconnection in my products, culture and people.
"...a frontier where creative and strategic partnerships play out in a heroic celebration of the everyday, and which are bound together by a new currency that considers peoples’ lives...This is more than an altruistic pipe dream – it’s the emergent context made possible by sociological technical advancement."
So here's a question. Do  you have to be completely demented to be a social media director? Because this guy is clearly delusional. An "heroic celebration of the everyday?" In social media? Is this guy nuts? Social media is morons like me posting pictures of our dogs sleeping.
"The sheer profundity of our ability to bring together people of diverse background, geography, passion, interest and opinion, to create dynamic value and competitive advantage is evidence of what the future holds."
Dude, calm down. Here's what the future holds -- the same crap as now, only worse.

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