January 20, 2011

Is The Magic Over?

Could it be that the spell has been broken?

Is it possible that the silly season has at long last ended?

Can it be that the infantile belief in the magical power of web advertising is finally hitting the wall of reality?

Yesterday, a piece in Mashable (deliciously entitled, "Contrarian Survey Shows Advertisers Ditching Digital for TV") reported a significant drop in interest in web advertising. The report comes out of a company called Strata, which is a Chicago-based "customized media management agency," whatever the hell that is.

Strata apparently polled 100 clients of advertising agencies earlier this month. Compared to last quarter, the clients were...
...24% more interested in television advertising
...75% more interested in radio advertising
...19% less interested in online advertising
According to the article, one of the reasons for the drop was that agencies "expressed disappointment with digital advertising’s efficacy."

This really sucks. It's going to ruin my career as a blogweasel.

If agency knuckleheads start to take their heads out of their butts and see what's going on around them, I'm going to have nothing to write about. No one to make fun of. Nothing to rant and rave over. I may even have to do some work --  which would really suck.

Let's all hope that this little survey is just a minor aberration and the marketing world will quickly return to its lovely enthusiasm for pissing away money in digital fantasyland.

Let the magic live!

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