January 17, 2008

More Research Crap

According to Online Media Daily consumers are 47% more engaged in ads that run in television programs viewed on line than those watched on a TV set. The research was conducted by Simmons, a unit of Experian Research Services.


If any other industry was as irresponsible with its claims as the research industry, they'd be thrown in jail.

Here's the part I love: "The study defines "engagement" according to six characteristics that respondents identify with media: "inspirational," "trustworthy," "life-enhancing," "social interaction," "personal time-out" and "ad receptivity."

Huh? "Trustworthy" may be a characteristic of media, but "ad receptivity" is a characteristic of a person. And what in the world is "personal time out" a characteristic of? These people are not just irresponsible, they're stupid and would be laughed out of any legitimate scientific laboratory.

Anyway, according to these bozos, all you Super Bowl advertisers better find something a little more "engaging" (the Super Bowl is not "life-enhancing" and "inspirational," you know).

Do these idiots have any idea how advertising works?


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