December 02, 2015

The Day Nobody Waits For

As regular readers know, once a quarter I make you pay for the glorious privilege of reading this thing by filling it full of brazen, unrepentant self-promotion (we all gotta make a living, right?)

Bad news. Today's that day.

So first, for the purpose of convincing you that the conference, convention, sales meeting, or,  god forbid, "summit" you're planning doesn't have to be a suicide inducing cliché-fest, first up is a short reel of excerpts from a few of my talks:

Next up are some actual quotes from Amazon reviews of Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey.
"...I laughed, shook my head and wept for the industry that I have spent my career in..."

"...How much do I like this book? I refer to it almost daily for comic relief, brutal honesty, and "inspiration." This should be required reading at every advertising school in the country."

"...Hilarious and true! This is a book all marketers should read."

"...Bob Hoffman is my new hero! "

"...I'm ordering several MORE copies of this book as gifts for my clients."

"...Buy Bob's book. Read Bob's book. Lose 10 pounds of bulls***. Immediately."

"...This is the best book about marketing since - ever! Funny, entertaining, and the truth."

"...This will shake you out of your jargon induced coma."    
So, now you have two assignments:
1. Book me for your next conference.
2. Buy the book.
See, that wasn't so hard.

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